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One man runs an entire subreddit. snough9 • 12 yr. ago. That's an awfully large number of subscribers... gigantepicante • 12 yr. ago. r/rainbowbar is my personal favorite. Gordondel •. My eyes just melted, I love it! jonathanrdt • 12 yr. ago. Oh that's what is happening.Sort the posts by "best of all time" and enjoy. Best Employee Horror Story Subreddits to Binge. These subreddits tend to follow a theme: tales from "insert type of workplace here."

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Arachnophobics, worry not — SPDRs aren’t at all what they sound like, and they’re certainly not as scary. If you’re in the process of learning more about investing, you might have come across something called SPDR index funds.Please don't apologize for length. This is a story-based subreddit, and we enjoy reading long stories. What doesn't belong: You passed somebody on the street, and they gave you a creepy look. We know, it was scary and you don't want to ever meet them again. 10. This is either a creepy unsolved mystery or good short fiction. Either way, a good read. TL;DR a creepy couple followed this hiker for many miles, in the dead of night. But you should read it all.Oct 4, 2023 · Key Points. Reddit’s r/horror subreddit has compiled a list of the best horror movies of all time, based on the diverse opinions of its 2.7 million members. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) helped launch New Line Cinema and became a dream come true for the studio’s executives. The Witch (2015) marked Anya Taylor-Joy’s debut film role and ... Reddit has a host of weird subreddits that will take you down an interesting rabbit hole — from paranormal experiences to morbid images.13. drifter__dreams • 2 yr. ago. Borrasca, Penpal (the original recording by MrCreepypasta), Accounts from a Lonely Broadcast Station, Infected Town Case Files, and the Cabin Getaway (Stolen Tongues) stories are some of my …Best Horror Movies of 2022: New Scary Movies Ranked Best to Worst. I LOVE Hellbender . Hatching and The Sadness are really good too. We’re All Going to the World’s Fair was pretty good though maybe doesn’t quite fit. Crimes of the Future and Men I like in many ways but they both disappointed. X, Fresh, You Won’t Be Alone and The Cursed ...Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Join Reddit. Short Scary Stories - Bite-Sized Horror r/ shortscarystories. Join. Posts. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. ... We enjoy our horror short and sweet. 500 words or less. Created Dec 5, 2011. 784k. Members. 216. Online. Top 1%. Ranked by Size.Reddit is the largest community on the internet having more than 100,000 active communities. Reddit is said to be a “front page of the Internet”. The best thing about it is that it has ...r/creepyvideos: Scary and Creepy Videos. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts11 Creepy Subreddits to Keep You Up at Night If your daily browsing isn't creepy enough for you, there's endless nightmare fodder on Reddit dot com. By Shoshana Wodinsky Published June 26, 2022...Jul 8, 2018 · Best Employee Horror Story Subreddits to Binge. These subreddits tend to follow a theme: tales from “insert type of workplace here.” They’re mostly text-based stories about the most absurd ... Youtube Haiku: Any almost poetic video under 14 seconds. Reddit is such a giant place. I stumble upon new, interesting subreddits with hundreds of thousands of followers on a weekly base, even though I already use the platform for years. I actually had to update this article within 5 hours of finishing it, because I found two more interesting ...10 'The Fog' (1980) The Fog is a classic horror directed by genre legend John Carpenter. It tells the story of a small coastal town in California that is haunted by a mysterious fog that rolls in ...My quality scary/creepy YouTube channels. Feel free to comment/recommend other channels. Nexpo: investigations, ARGs, mysteries, debunking (no fake stuff, no bullshit) Mamamax (investigations, hunter of pedophiles, friend of Nexpo) NightDocs: covering mysteries related to sound/music (friend of mamamax & Nexpo) Nick Crowley: investigations ...WritingPrompts ( /r/writingprompts ): With over 13.3 million subscribers, this subreddit—which was featured in our 101 Best Websites for Writers roundup in 2019—is the place to flex your creative writing muscles. Find years worth of prompts, respond to the latest ones and get feedback on your work from eager readers.No makeup, costumes, or children's art. 4. No image macro memes. 5. No celebrity gossip, animal abuse, religious drama. 6. No excessively political discussions. 7. No posts which are just gore and not creepy.The most terrifying night I have ever experienced was when my mother n law bought me a night vision scope for Christmas. We had a lot of deer that would come through the backyard. I shut off all of the lights in the house and opened up the back door hoping to see a deer. What I saw was a full blown skeleton in detail about 10 yards away.kristiansands • 2 yr. ago. I'm gonna start soon My Heart is a Chainsaw. adamtjames • 2 yr. ago. My picks are. Come With Me by Ronald Malfi. My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones. A Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill. The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson. Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare.Top 5 Scary Reddit Subreddits You Should Never VisitSubscribe To Top 5 Scary Videos: are many Scary Reddit Subreddits on the inte...Once upon a time in the small town of Jack, a young girl named Olivia lived with her parents in a quaint cottage on the outskirts. The town was surrounded by dense forests that whispered ancient secrets and harboured unseen horrors.Mar 7, 2022 · It’s similar to Reddit Star Trek, but with more darkness permeating it. 6. r/Disneyvacation. The title sounds strange, but if you’re looking for a good laugh, this subreddit is known for ... Jul 16, 2018 · If you got spooked from these 13 scaryBelow, you'll find our picks for the best subreddits Reddit curre Prey (Not sure if this really counts as horror) The Menu. Underwater. The Hunt. Evil Dead Rise. A Quiet Place II. 546 comments. 175. Posted by. I tagged along with them until she left home and I wa Key Points. Reddit’s r/horror subreddit has compiled a list of the best horror movies of all time, based on the diverse opinions of its 2.7 million members. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) helped launch New Line Cinema and became a dream come true for the studio’s executives. The Witch (2015) marked Anya Taylor-Joy’s debut film role and ...Apr 25, 2020 · 1-2. r/relationships and r/relationship_advice. Every good story is really about relationships, and these two subreddits are packed with interesting ones. From absolutely adorable romantic ... Dreadit's Top Horror Films of 2021. As submitted and voted on by

Encapsulating the crawl space below your home transforms it from a dark, scary, damp area to a dry, sealed environment that improves the conditions of your living space. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S.Nosleep is so incredibly hit or miss. And sometimes even the best series/stories are ruined by one detail that goes over the top. Check out the infected town series. The writing on r/nosleep is usually such trash that after seeing that Infected Town has at least 12 parts, I just can't bring myself to start reading it. A community to share your true, scary story. Could be paranormal, crime related, or anything else that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Jan 3, 2022 · In no particular order, here are some of the top subreddits on Reddit: 2meirl4meirl — 842,000 subscribers. disneyvacation — 478,000 subscribers (definitely not what you think) unresolvedmysteries — 732,000 subscribers. wewantplates — 502,000 subscribers. antiMLM — 493,000 subscribers. talesfromretail — 551,000 subscribers. Someone screamed in pain nearby, and a cacophony of gunfire roared in reply, flashes sparkling in the trees. Fear snaked through my mind, and I forced myself to breathe slow, hands trembling on my submachine gun. Get to the pirates. If they’re here, they’ll want their box. Get to them, find Chris and Jamie, and make a run for it. …

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Not only is this Friday the 13th, but it's also October, in a year . Possible cause: Reddit is the perfect place for you. Between bingeing free monster movie.

Most of the creepy ones are the celebrity fan sites that are overrun with incels. I never understand why these under-rock dwellers are even tolerated on this site. Straight hate speech. If they were talking about an ethnic minority group like that, there would be riots. But let it be women, it's fine, we can ignore it.The best place on Reddit to spread surveys: r/samplesize. It turns out that there’s a subreddit out there that was made for this! On the r/samplesize subreddit, you can share your survey (whether it’s Qualtrics, a Google form, or anything else) on there and Redditors will fill them in. It is courtesy, however, that you try and repay the ...Paranormal/Supernatural : r/Paranormal 800k Subs r/TheTruthIsHere 389k Subs r/Missing411 172k Subs r/HumanoidEncounters 197k Subs r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix 772k Subs r/MandelaEffect 205k Subs r/Ghosts 308k Subs r/GhostStories 151k Subs r/Skinwalkers 77k Subs r/Bigfoot 79k Subs r/Aliens 285k Subs r/UFOs 326k Subs r/UFO 59k Subs r/UFOBelievers 17k Subs

The "scary last footage video" is absolutely a fake to me, the sound comes from only one direction and does not change volume, making me think it was just an edited-in sound effect, also the roaring sounds worse quality than the humans voices.Looking for creepy subreddits . I'm looking for subs that have scary/weird/cursed images and videos. I follow a few like r/voidmemes and r/cursed videos, but I'd like more creepy things to mess with my head please. Just learned about the Mandela catalogue, so things like usually get my attention. ... A subreddit where people can tell me what's ...A list of horror subreddits.Suggestions welcome, ill add the ones I like. Subgenres r/Horroranthologytv , r/bodyhorror , r/horrorcomedy , r/scifihorror , …

Jan 23, 2016 · 3. /r/nosleep. A place that has earned On, there is a link that you can click called “top rated pastas.” There you can find lots and lots of good creepypastas. Also, there are lots and lots of good new creepypastas published on constantly. You can find lots of great stories on your own by browsing the site. Last year, the site topped 100,000 active subreddits, with 430 “Oh, my goodness! There’s been a terrible accident! Call fo Subgenres r/Horroranthologytv, r/bodyhorror, r/horrorcomedy, r/scifihorror, r/foundfootage, r/folkhorror, r/gothichorror, r/psychologicalhorror, r/slasherfilms, r/Goremovies, r/zombies, r/Italianhorror, r/japanesehorror, r/giallo, r/exploitationfilms, r/grindhouse, r/classichorror, r/shorthorrorTop 10 Scary Subreddits That Will Keep You Up At NightSubscribe For Tier Lists: To Most Amazing Top 10: Reddit is the largest community on the internet ha Watching scary news can leave you speechless and disturbed even as an adult. But how do you explain something like the war in Ukraine, terrorist attacks, systemic racism or the COVID-19 pandemic to children without causing trauma? For those of you who don't know, r/nosleep is a communitOne man runs an entire subreddit. snough9 •I tagged along with them until she left home and I was alone with hi 58 sneakpeekbot • 5 yr. ago Here's a sneak peek of r/UnsolvedMysteries using the top posts of the year! #1: I need help finding my friend. His name is Felix. He was last seen on Monday in Arcata California. | 114 comments #2: Anyone know anything about this case? Looks pretty interesting, I’d love to know more. | 150 comments I'm kind of looking for stories with more diverse subjects tha Jul 27, 2022 · This social media platform contains seemingly endless amounts of information, and that includes tons of real-life ghost stories. Its specific topic-based subreddits allow horror-lovers to freefall through niche threads dedicated to scary, paranormal, or unexplained stories. You can find reality, fiction, and everything in between. It's a two parter, first video is a young North American man wor[r/kinbaku. Kinbaku is the Japanese art of tying women A list of creepy / disturbing subreddits. Preferably Children going to a 12-hour night shift in the United States, 1908. The first picture of a person dying in the electric chair. Her name was Ruth Snyder. Here You Can Submit Creepy Pics Of Old People. r/oldschoolcreepy: Here You Can Submit Creepy Pics Of Old People.